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“architecture is what architecture students do”

Release date: November 10, 2017

Edition no.: 00

The agency of the student is more powerful than ever.  We have the desire and opportunity to produce more, talk more, challenge more, and the ability to consistently redefine our tertiary boundaries.  Pioneered by fearless alumni - some of whom are published in this pilot issue - a revaluation of the student’s role within architectural discourse is occurring.  We are beginning to circumnavigate architecture as a means of penetrating it further. Descending from our ivory towers, we are discovering that the ‘real world’ is far more complex, bizarre and stimulating than we’d ever imagined.  We are now straddling these polarities but tasked with reconciling them into intelligible architectural form.

issue 01

Editors: Lauren Crockett, Stephanie Pahnis & Nicola Cortese


Contributors: Jack Self, Nicola Cortese, Michael Strack, Simon Robinson, Senesios Frangos, Laura Szyman, Matthew Lochert, Yiling Shen, William Grosby, Monty Balding, Zoe Hughes, Alex Roome, Bernadette Zajd, Jack Mansfield-Hung, Michael Lopes-Vieira, Daniel Lazarow, Georgia Eade, Elizabeth Acland, Simon Sawyer, Marnie Newton, Zemin Yang, Lucas MacMillan, Jarrod Malbon, Quyen Do, Thom Stanistreet, Freya Solomon, Dane Zain, Jack Murray, Laura Bailey, Margot Watson & Julius Egan

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Release Date: March 16, 2018

Edition no.: 00

One of the most prevalent points of discourse in contemporary Australia has been one of identity. This is also true of discussions around our architecture. Especially in Melbourne, rich and impassioned debate about the evolving identity of the city has been the backbone of our architectural agenda which arguably spawned the culture we are all proud to be a part of today. The time is right for a stage to play out identity crises, vent about matters of national architectural security and to show and tell the class what you want to be when you grow up. Caliper 03 was launched as part of Melbourne Design Week at Testing Grounds with an accompanying exhibition designed by the editors. 

"issue 02"

Guest Editor: Senesios Frangos

Editors: Lauren Crockett, Stephanie Pahnis &  Nicola Cortese

Contributors: Amy Evans, Caleb Lee, Daniel Lazarow, Dylan Findlay, Emily Davies, Eulalie Trinca, Fiona Plaisted, Fiona Robertson, George Mollett, Georgia Eade, Hanah Wexler, Helen Runting, Isabella Cohen, Jack Murray, Jessica Heald, Julius Egan, Kim Halik, Laura Bailey, Laura Szyman, Liam Oxlade, Mark Raggatt, Michael Strack, Nina Tory-Henderson, Qixin Xie, Rob Hillman, Sacha Hickinbotham, Shakila Martin, Stefan Joksic, Temitope Adesina & Yuanbo Zhang