What do we take with us? What do we leave behind? Can we afford to look back? As we climb out of the ruins, over the barbed wire and the glass, we might stop, look around, and have an uncomfortable moment of deja vu. Weren’t we here yesterday, or last week? Or maybe - it was a different ruin that time. Won’t you miss it?

Collapse was a grandiose word, one reserved for the fall of empires, but now it seems more like unemployment: an everyday occurrence, unpleasant, but perhaps necessary to reintroduce some slack in our lives. It happens, we move on, and if we are religious we hope that the exponential curve of progress picks us back up. Collapse exists, if only to return nutrients to the soil.

Every day, the death of some scene, and the straggling beginnings of another.

Send us an email at to express interest before the 25th of January, 2019. The final submissions will be by the 20th February 2019.

Michael Strack is the guest editor of Issue #5.



There are FOUR formats in which you can submit work;


1 x image OR

1 x 50 words or less i.e. a thought, a render, a collage


1-2 x images OR

1 x 100-200 words i.e. a weekly studio esquisse, longer thought, short series of images


1 x 3-4 images & 200-500 words OR

1 x 500 words

i.e. a final studio project, essay, opinion pieces, review


1 x 5 or more images & 500 or more words OR

1 x 1000 words i.e. a final studio project, essay, opinion pieces, review